About Youthfire

Youthfire is the moniker of Melbourne based singer-songwriter and producer, Stephen Carmichael, who shares stories about his personal life through compositions that have a warped sense of New Wave, 80’s nostalgia.

Youthfire’s journey began in Brisbane, with the release of “World On Fire,” a song about love and empowerment, to a sold-out audience at the Metro Arts Theatre in June 2014. Later that year, he was invited to play at Valley Fiesta and was nominated for “Performer Of The Year” at the Queens Ball Awards.

The single “Leave” was released soon after, with Indieshuffle writer, Lauren Ziegler, describing it as “a dulcet blend of washed-over rhythms and heartfelt vocals.”

Now Melbourne based, Carmichael has spent the last three years writing, refining and crafting his songs from his bedroom studio. He considers himself a sound collector, “whenever I’m out venturing in nature, listening to records or reading books, I’m always searching for ideas, sounds or words that spark my imagination.”

From a young age Carmichael was introduced to artists like Phil Collins, Tears For Fears, Pink Floyd, Cyndi Lauper and Michael Jackson. “I’ve always had a fascination and a love for the 80’s. As a kid, I would feel free singing and dancing along to this music.”

Carmichael’s songwriting is inspired by his own life experiences yet it feels removed from reality – almost like you’re listening to a dream. Emotions appear larger than life, song dynamics are painted in bold, contrasting slashes and the sonic landscape is often overtly dramatised. He describes his music as “human and full of imperfections and vulnerabilities.” When questioned about his ambitions, Carmichael says, “my goal is to create fearlessly, to be myself and to connect with people who relate to my life experiences.”

Youthfire’s latest single, “Hallucinate,” was released on the 25th of November 2016 through MGM Distribution.

Dave Ruby Howe shared his perspective on ‘Hallucinate’ by describing that the song “unfolds a bit more with each listen I give it. By my next time through it’ll have gone from a paper crane back to being a tree.”

“One to watch. Melodies to swoon over and production that will make anyone nod their head.” – Brendan Maclean

I really like how this track opens slowly and deliberately, with a gentle clip-cloppy beat and airy, ambient sounds creating a beautiful atmosphere.” – Indie Shuffle

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